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Les Galeries de la Canardière celebrates its 60th anniversary on October 1, 2020.

The current covid situation is difficult for our retailers, restaurants and services. We acknowledge the hard work and dedication of these entrepreneurs which will make the future of Les Galeries de la Canardiere a viable and desirable one.

Les Galeries de la Canardière located in the heart of the Ecoquartier D’Estimauville is home to many excellent retailers, restaurants, recreational and other services catering to the needs of its community. These include, A&W, Subway, Pizza Charest, Lunnetterie Visque, Rockclimbing centre Delire, Econofitness, Dollarama, Bijouterie Suisse, Pharmacy Lavoie and many more.

Econo-Malls has been working with a residential developer on a redevelopment project for Les Galeries de la Canardiere. This mixed-use redevelopment will have mixed-use buildings constructed on the centre’s excess land. Phase 1 of this project, a 126-unit residential building with some commercial space on the first floor, will begin in the Spring of 2021.

Les Galeries de la Canardière is located in an area conducive to mixed-use development as the area was rezoned to high density by the City. We now see all around the site, many office buildings and housing units that were constructed in recent years. These developments and the City’s vision for the area will result in significant pedestrian traffic to the centre.

Mixed-use developments are the way of the future. It’s a place where people can live, work and play, all in one location.

Natacha Menard, Director of Leasing, CLS & CRRP and Vanessa Sotos, Leasing Representative with EconoMalls will be at the property for the 60th anniversary to meet with Les Galeries de la Canardiere’s valued tenants and the community at large. A historical photo exhibit of the centre, along with a poster display of future development plans has been put on display.

To discuss the excellent leasing opportunities that are available, please contact Natacha Menard 514/3469824 and Vanessa Sotos 514/516-1294