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Since Econo-Malls launched its first Limited Partnership in 1998, this program has been the cornerstone of our growth. As of the summer of 2022, we are proud to have established 27 Limited Partnerships across Canada and the United States.

At Econo-Malls, we seek to create long-term value and strive to generate significant returns for our investors by using our extensive industry experience and innovative approach to discover and create value in key real estate investment opportunities. Econo-Malls targets a diversified range of asset types with varying risk-return profiles, such as conventional commercial retail, mixed use, industrial, office, residential, debt, securities, whole loans and sale-leasebacks.  Our success is based on our hands-on strategic property management.  To date, we have used our Limited Partnership Program to conclude over $500,000,000 of real estate transactions.

The alignment of purpose with our investors is vital.  Thus, in addition to being the General Partner, the Econo-Malls’ owners, Howard Wiseman and Robert Wiseman, participate alongside their investors as Limited Partners.  All investors in the Econo-Malls Limited Partnership Program are qualified by exempt market dealers and must be “accredited investors” as defined by Regulation 45-106 respecting Prospectus Exemption.

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